• Cuba Facing Canada Today in World Cup Baseball

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    The Netherlands beating Cuba 4-1 in World Cup second round play. Photo: IBAF.org

    Cuba will be playing Canada today at the 2011 World Cup Baseball. I didn’t even know such an event existed until now, but apparently, today’s game is a big one. As the Havana Time reports:

    HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 13 — Cuba lost for the first time at the 2011 World Cup Baseball tournament on Thursday, victim to stellar pitching and two homers by the Netherlands in the seven inning game.
    Cuba has a must win game against Canada (4-2) [this] afternoon, while the Netherlands will be the first European team to make a World Cup Baseball final if they defeat Venezuela (1-4) on Friday or if Cuba wins over Canada.

    The first time a Cuba openly derided Castro to me was because baseball. A bunch of Europeans and Mexicans were crowded around some flatscreens in the lobby watching soccer, and my bartender was pissed that he had to work and couldn’t watch.

    He told me soccer was the true game of the Cuban people, not baseball. He said that baseball was Castro’s personal favorite, so it got all the funding and facilities and support. Soccer got squat because Castro didn’t like it.

    Then he looked around, leaned in, and whispered in my ear “Fuck Castro”. I think he meant it.


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