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    After 5 months of writing, editing, and agonizing over the cover art with my very patient and talented illustrator, Vitold, I’m happy (and relieved) to announce that Rum Socialism: A Travel Diary of Communist Cuba is finally available in the Kindle Store.

    The book is part travel memoir, part political satire, and it would’ve have been possible without some of the people I met in Cuba, my superhuman alcohol tolerance, and the degree in political-science that I spent five years and $30K earning (you see, Mom, it wasn’t all for naught). As the official description reads:

    Rum Socialism follows author Kris Romaniuk off the resort and onto the streets of Trinidad, Cuba where he meets street hustlers, witch doctors, corrupt cops, foreign operatives, and host of colorful characters. The result is a week-long bender of booze, satire and insight into Cuban Communism, and a system that is trying desperately to reinvent itself in the face of harsh economic realities of the modern world.

    The book also features a recipe for mojitos that is worth the price tag on its own. Please drink responsibly.

    In the coming weeks, it will also be available through other major online retailers, but in the meantime, I hope you download it, devour it, and leave an honest review of it on Amazon. Salud


    Kris Romaniuk is the author of the satirical travel memoir, Rum Socialism, and rummy behind this blog. He is an independent author based out of Montreal, Canada, and is currently working on his second book.


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