• Voodoo Country – Excerpt from Rum Socialism

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    Atop the hill the Voodoo Priest led us up. He's hiding behind my buddy with the backpack.

    An excerpt from my book Rum Socialism (Amazon linkSmashwords link) has been published by Black Heart Magazine. The excerpt is from a chapter called The Great Machetehunt, and chronicles our run-in with some kind of Afro-Cubana priest. His skin was like leather, he was missing his front teeth, and his canines had been filed into fangs, but he was a nice guy and he showed us around the town of Trinidad and told us all kinds of things that we couldn’t understand because our Spanish was poor and his English non-existent.

    Here’s an excerpt from the excerpt:

    The old man led us deeper into the slum. I thought we were following him to the store to see how Communists did groceries, but then he led us to another apartment. It was a dingy space with concrete floors that seemed better suited for a storage space or workshop. He showed us several small shrines in different rooms and told us that he was an Afro-Cubano priest. There was one shrine in the corner by the door with a bowl of dirty razor blades in front of it, and the old man used the scars on his forearms to explain what they for. Then he insisted that we each take a hand-carved idol before we leave. Dima asked to take a picture, and panic filled the room. Andre said “No!” as quickly and urgently as the old man. Getting trigger-happy in voodoo country with a device believed to steal souls was something that we figured could kill us a lot more slowly and painfully than an angry mob that just wanted our shoes.

    The entire excerpt is about 1,000 words, and (I think) well worth the time it’ll take you to read it. So I encourage you to check it out and, if you like what you read, consider buying a copy of Rum Socialism from either the Kindle Store or Smashwords (for all other ereaders). After all, it’s only $2.99, and just might turn out to be the most entertaining $2.99 you spend in 2012.


    Kris Romaniuk is the author of the satirical travel memoir, Rum Socialism, and rummy behind this blog. He is an independent author based out of Montreal, Canada, and is currently working on his second book.


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